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March Seven Photography is a custom portrait
photography agency.
We take natural relaxed portraits with fun light hearted intent.
We focus mostly on Weddings, Kids and Families.
We’re excited to get to know you.


Behind the scenes with Victoria and Ross

[youtube id=”nMF96IHWUqE” width=”875″ height=”533″]



Mike Barry



A few things about me,
– I like colour

– I live in one of the coolest places on earth.

– I have the best job ever.

– I love dogs, but I don’t have one.

– I’m a skier, not a snowboarder.

– I Love my iPhone.

– I think Facebook statuses shouldn’t say what they really mean.

– I love spaghetti and pizza from Naples.

– I have 1 tattoo.

– My little brother is bigger than me.

– My grampa lived till he was 99.

– I grew up in the Ottawa Valley… lads.

– I think kids are hilarious.

– I write with my right hand but do everything else with my left.

– I’m currently learning to type properly.

– Cats scare me a bit and I’m not sure why.

– I own a ghetto blaster.

– I think fun is fun.

– I can spin basketball on my finger.

– I can take your photo.





Stephanie and Brad Doran-Veevers

[blockquote] Our photographs are everything we could have wanted and more. Every time we open our album to show our friends or just to remember that day we are truly brought back to every moment with the creative and vibrant photographs you have given us. Thank you so much for everything you really brought made our day one we will never forget![/blockquote]

Alexis & Jacob

[blockquote]Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for being a very special part of our wedding day.You were hands down the best investment we made. We absolutely LOVE the photos (and you)! Here are some options (two pairs of those mittens that flip open and have half fingers for taking photos) for you and your assistant to keep your hands warm while taking photos at your next winter wedding. Thanks again.        – Alexis & Jacob – [/blockquote]


Heather & Axel

[blockquote]MIKE, YOU TRULY EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS! Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of our wedding and who we are. Your photos will be cherished for years to come. – Heather & Axel – [/blockquote]


Kristy Bombini-Cioffi re Elessia’s photos

[blockquote]Hey Mike!

OMG! I love the pics!!! You did such an amazing job!!! I am so in love with them. There are so many great ones! Thank you so much! I want you to do my family photos every year!!! Love them! Thanks!!! – Kristy –